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Blue Amber Hand Cream

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The protective action of Blue Amber in this cream helps to regenerate the skin and provide a soft, supple finish. Give your hands a shield to the daily aggression with it's 98% natural ingredient formula and protective properties.

Results: The skin is nourished, soft and protected.

Ideal for: All skin types

Directions for use: Apply as many times as necessary to provide maximum comfort to the skin.

Texture: Soft cream

Size: 40ml tube

TOP TIP: Start with just a pea size amount this cream soaks in quickly with a none sticky finish and only needs a small amount! 

Blue Amber Body Milk

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Price £43.00

This melting body milk penetrates quickly whilst soothing and hydrating the skin. Rich in Blue Amber, the skin skin barrier is reinforced.

Results: the skin is hydrated, protected and reinforced.

Ideal for: All skin types.

Directions for use: AM & PM

Texture: Creamy Milk

Size: 150 ml tube with flip top cap

TOP TIP: Keep in your gym bag for essential skin hydration after excercise!

Parure de Soi Body Moisturiser

Price £70.00

Rich in mother-of-pearl and hyaluronic acid, this light-textured milk moisturises and nourishes the skin, while providing a pearlescent effect. The skin will be glistening, velvety and hydrated.

Results: The skin is soft, silky and luminous.

Ideal for: All skin types.

Directions for use: AM AND/OR PM

Texture: Shimmering milk

Size: 200ml bottle


Mineral Svelt Cream

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Price £63.00

This cream visibly reduces the appearance of cellulite while also working on a process called lipolysis the breakdown of fatty cells to assist you health kick regime and inch loss. 

Results: The skin is smooth and toned.

Ideal for: All skin types.

Directions for use: Am & PM 

Massage into the stomach hips, buttocks and thighs.

Texture: Cream

Size: 200ml bottle

TOP TIP: Combine with exercise and plenty of water for maximum results. 

Diamond Body Lotion
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Diamond Body Lotion

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A popular item from our hotel amenities lifestyle line! Enjoyed your small sample at your hotel? No problem try a large version at home!

Size: 300ml