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Quartz Rose Face Lotion

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Price £32.50

This lotion is not just a toner but a complete treatment for the skin that also acts as a primer. Loose that 'tight' feeling that can happen after cleansing and re hydrate with Quartz Rose Lotion. Enriched in essential oils your skin will feel instantly hydrated. 

The results: A hydrated, soft, toned skin that's primed ready for further product or makeup application. 

Ideal for: All skin types, especially those lacking hydration and radiance.

Directions for use: AM & PM

Apply 2-3 drops to your finger tips after cleansing and massage into the face until fully absorbed.

Texture: Gel-lotion

Size: 200 ml bottle

TOP TIP: Fill a spritz bottle with this lotion to keep in your hand bag in the warmer months, also great for taking on aeroplanes. A quick spritz will keep your skin hydrated.

Ruby Purifying Toner

Price £32.50

The Ruby Purifying Lotion is perfect for regaining a unified, matte flawless complexion as well as smooth and rebalanced skin. Thanks to its active ingredients, this lotion is suitable for combination, oily and acne skin. Purifies and provides radiance while limiting excess sebum.

The results: Regulates sebum and leaves the skin with a matte effect.

Ideal for: Acne, Oily Skins

Directions for use: AM & PM

Apply 2-3 drops to your finger tips after cleansing and massage into the face until fully absorbed.

Texture: Light lotion

Size: 200ml

TOP TIP: If you don't have access to a shower after exercise apply to cotton pads and wipe over face to purify skin until you get home!

Quartz Rose Massage Tool (real quartz)

Price £65.00

Extend the spa experience at home with our new massage tool. It helps with blood microcirculation with its vibrating system of 6000-7000 vibrations per minute !

Several actions and benefits:

-Facial massage, anti-wrinkle, face lift

-Eye massage, anti-puffiness, anti-dark circle. unscrew the head and place in the fridge for a cooling action to soothe puffy eyes. 

-Detoxifying and draining,

This tool can also be used without the vibrations. 

Results: Reduces dark circles, brings radiance to the complexion, lifting effect and improves the elasticity of the skin.
Ideal for: All skin types