Which Gemology products can help with dry hands?

Which Gemology products can help with dry hands?

The last few months we’ve all started washing our hands more to help to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Some of us have started to notice that our hands have become dry and chapped with constant washing! Many soaps contain harsh ingredients that strip away the natural skin barrier leaving you with sore, itchy, chapped hands. This can cause much discomfort when washing your hands is an essential part of everyday life.

Gemology have recently developed a line of soaps that are more gentle for the skin providing comfort when using them. Produced in the South of France our soaps contain 98% natural ingredients enriched with mineral extracts from Diamond, Opal and Blue Amber stones.

Our soaps deeply cleanse the skin with a gentle formula that includes both olive oil and coco oil. Our silky nourishing formula avoids breaking the skin barrier providing comfort when washing your hands. All our soaps cleanse and moisturise the skin with each stone adding an additional benefit.

Choose from……

  • Blue Amber Soap to protect the skin
  • Opal Soap to hydrate the skin
  • Diamond Soap to illuminate the skin

We recommend pairing with Blue Amber Hand Cream to hydrate and add a protective film to your skin.