Top 3 skincare ingredient trends for 2021

Top 3 skincare ingredient trends for 2021

Let’s face it, as soon as lockdowns started in March 2020 we all had a lot more time on our hands and started to pay A LOT of attention to our skin, the products we used and the ingredients they contained. You’d be lying to yourself if you didn’t want a sneaky peak at some of the key skincare trends for 2021? (Of course Gemology is already ahead of the game and has key products already established in our lines from these trends).


From children we all know a glass of milk a day helps to keep your bones strong as it's enriched with calcium but did you know that calcium is also important for the skin? Here at gemology it’s been a focus of ours for a long time and with our award winning White Pearl Line. Natural calcium extracted directly from mother of pearl is used with the line to regenerate skin, enhancing the renewal of new skin cells and strengthening the skin. It also plays a key part in the fight against pigmentation, if we speed up the process of regeneration skin pigmentation will fade over time. Combining calcium and vitamin C (as we do) gives an accelerated formula to tackle those dark marks on the skin.

Liquorice Extract

An underrated ingredient that’s been used for years in many products providing you with a soothing antioxidant to help repair damaged/sensitised faces. Naturally reducing the irritation of the skin this ingredient can be enhanced when combined with trace elements, of course the purest source of trace elements are always the best! Sulphur blocks the histamine synthesis and reduces inflammation whilst zinc helps to repair the DNA from damage that's been caused by external exposures. Even though we're talking about sensitive skin you should be thinking about this ingredient works wonders for inflamed acne. The biggest mistake people make is not calming the skin and repairing the skin barrier before they treat breakouts. Untreated aggravated acne continues in a vicious circle with the end result - a more inflamed, irritated skin!

We recommend smithsonite serum for both an inflamed acne and a sensitive skin as a starting point to strengthen your skin barrier to prepare it for the rest of your routine.


Who’s not heard of collagen before? Of course you have, it's one of the most talked about ingredients in the beauty industry and it's due to grow with popularity in 2021. Topical collagen will plump the skin and minimise lines BUT in reality will wear off as it deteriorates on the surface of the skin. Why not think about stimulating the collagen synthesis of the skin instead and gain longer lasting results? Our clinical trials with our diamond line show that the collagen synthesis can be stimulated by up to 105% combine this with peptides and trace elements and you have a cocktail that's worth your skin drinking!

So now you know what to look out for in 2021 and have a little bit of knowledge why these ingredients are a must in your products. Take a quick look and see what we have to offer.