Mineral skincare has been around for centuries using grinds of glistening stones to provide a radiant complexion for the skin. BUT it’s only when Gemology developed a specific technique of extracting trace elements from the precious stones in liquid form, that the innovation of mineral skincare was born.

Trace elements provide essential for life benefits including those for the skin. When you consume a trace element through your daily vitamin tablet, it’s absorbed through the body targeting the major vital internal organs and the skin often gets forgotten about. This is where we use the Gemology process to target the skin and it’s specific concerns.

We take individual trace elements from 20 different stones such as Mother of Pearl and Ruby to benefit the skin and it’s concerns. Mother of Pearl contains calcium to encourage cell renewal and give the skin a radiant look. Ruby offers chromium to combat excess oils in the skin and leave a matified looking skin.

Take a look at the benefits of each stone and how it can help your skin!

20 Gemstones